A quick useful GIT guide by me

Today I would like to share this practice guide to understand git, and I am so exciting in writing this post. This is a tutorial for beginners that want to know more about git commands and in parallel take your first steps. We are going to use my repository on GitHub, but you could also apply this tutorial to another repository like Bitbucket, so let´s go.

Create an account Git Hub URL


Link for download

Git Bash: https://gitforwindows.org/

$ First Step > In our first step we need to install git and after create a GitHub account. To begin, open up a terminal and go to the folder that you want to place the project, in my case the project is in C:\git


$ cd C:/git

So now we are going to initialize a git repository in the selected folder


$ git init

Note: You can list the content folder using the command $ ls

In the next step type the command $ git status to see which files git knows to exist. Using this command means that you created a new file, but it is not enought, you should use another git command to continue.

$ Second Step >In the following step we are going to add a file(newReadMe.txt) to the staging environment and use the command git add .


$ git add .

At this time we will create a commit, so in the prompt command insert


$ git commit -m “Type Your Text”

It Is interesting that the content message at the end of the commit is something related to what the commit contains, could be a bug fix, a feature change… I strongly recommend not put a text that I used (commit lol) because it is not descriptive.

$ Third Step > Let’s work now at GitHub(You must have created an account), then navigate to repository and click on button new and set a Repository name, select the option Public(Anyone can see this repository, you chose who is allowed to commit) and click on Create repository button

Now is time to send(push) the commit in our branch to the new GitHub repository, before that we want to add a repository that we have created locally, then use the following command


$ git remote add origin https://github.com/danilow86/ourRepoTest.git

To push changes into a new branch on GitHub, we will run the command


$ git push https://github.com/danilow86/ourRepoTest.git

Looking at GitHub web page, we will see our project including all files and branches included

These are the first steps for who wants to use git and Github, there are more things that we want to lear, but in this post we gave our first step to start git usage. So if you want to learn more do not hesitate to visit the websites below.

See you next time

External references:



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